The VentureDAO

Iron Key VentureDAO is a decentralized network of angel investors that operates as a distributed venture fund, allowing anyone to earn carried interest. We vote on and invest in one startup per month and help bring Web2 SPVs into Web3.

Historical Context - How Did We Form Iron Key Venture DAO?

Our members went through various Web2 VC programs only to realize our hard work was being abused. This is why we decided to open source the angel investing and syndicate process and allow anyone to participate and earn. We found a way to collaborate so that we could all benefit from each other's hard work and learn faster. We strive to create an avenue for anyone to monetize their unique access and/or skills within the Web3 venture ecosystem.

Click here to read more about Iron Key from our whitepaper.


Iron Key's mission is to build a new venture investment model based on the principles of Web3 and decentralization, using the new ERC3525 Semi-Fungible token standard. We use this standard to effectively convert web2 syndicates into participants in the Iron Key Venture DAO.


Iron Key brings together a vetted network of venture professionals to invest through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) structure. Member contributions are rewarded in tokens for sourcing deal flow, performing diligence, and more, while investors can tap into the network directly to receive diligence by spending tokens. This new model better aligns incentives to produce and share diligence, effectively crowdsourcing the VC investing process.


Our Community Overview

Our community has well over 75+ Web3 professionals, founders, and investors. Carried interest will be split 50/50 between Iron Key Fellows and the Iron Key VentureDAO. Our community is broken down into four core personas:

  1. Investors - Expand your deal flow; deploy capital into select deals.
  2. Web3 professionals - Write your first angel check and build a venture track record.

  1. Web3 Founders - Learn how investors think in order to raise capital successfully or pitch your company.
  2. Web3 Researchers - Help with real diligence on startups to eventually break into venture capital.


How Do We Work?